I BELIEVE… ...that everything in life has a WONDERFUL SIDE, and everybody belongs in beautiful photos

Growing up I never understood marriage. Not because I had seen it fail, but because I knew that a wedding wasn’t a shortcut to love. My own parents hadn’t chosen to get married. Instead of making promises to love and respect each other, they’d just gone ahead and lived by those values.

And yet there was a moment during my own wedding to Brendon, with tears running down our faces as we told our loved ones how much they meant to us… that I realised just what a wedding is about. If you’re doing it right, your love and commitment will be there every day of your marriage. What won’t be, is everyone you love. EVERYONE you love, there in a room with you, sharing the same air, eating the same food, sharing the same laughter.

I shoot weddings from the heart, with a huge emphasis on laughter, family and emotion.

“Emma is simply amazing. Not only does she take incredible, romantic and stunning photos, she is so SO much fun to be with. She has an innate ability to make people relax and laugh. We cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Jess + Sam

A quick “about me” in case you’re interested… I began working in professional theatre at the age of 16. For more than a decade I’ve been in the cast of the improv comedy show SCARED SCRIPTLESS, which is kind of a Christchurch institution. 🙂 When you don’t have a script to rely on, you become super attuned to each other — and this has been amazing training for photography and life.

Even though I’m an actor I know that the best photos happen when you aren’t acting or pretending. My skill is helping you drop your guard so we can make really genuine photos together. And no matter how awkward you usually look in photos (and omg we all do sometimes!), I have lots of secret body language tips to help you look amazing.

If you’d like to know more, the best way is to drop me a line via my contact page and we can arrange to have a drink somewhere. I used to say to couples, “let’s see if we’re a good fit”… but to be honest if you’ve read this far and like the sound of how I work, then I would be honoured for you to be one of my amazing couples. Lastly, I’d recommend getting in touch at least 10 months before your wedding, as summer dates can fill super quickly.

Happy planning! x



Kate and Mark

Thank you so much for being the most nimble, invisible, lightning-fast, ninja photographer who also happens to be talented, creative and ingenious! We absolutely LOVE our photos – you totally captured the day, the essence of our relationship and the vibe of the beautiful places we visited that day. Thank you also for making us laugh and making us comfortable in all your little ways. You have collected a living, breathing archive of a day filled with love and all our favourite friends and family – and that includes you!


Please get in touch if you’d like to talk more about your wedding or portrait photoshoot. xx