I BELIEVE That Everything in life has A WONDERFUL SIDE, and Everybody deserves beautiful photos

Sometimes you hand your camera to someone, or you see a candid photo of yourself… and your heart breaks. It’s not who you thought you were. That photo isn’t as beautiful as you know you are. And it starts to hurt inside. And you tell yourself that you’re not good in photos and you’re not photogenic.

But it’s just not true.

It’s just that no one’s cared enough to capture the parts of you that are the most beautiful. No one has taught you how to stand, or what to do with your hands.

I’m a photographer. It’s my job to make you photogenic.


Portrait commissions happen at my home in Christchurch. My job is to look into your eyes and see the things that are most stunning about you. I’m going to do everything I can to honour them and capture them. And after your photoshoot you’ll walk away holding the most beautiful photos of yourself you’ve ever seen.

Emma, you are an amazing sweetheart of a person! You make getting your portrait taken such a pleasure and coming from someone who is not at all comfortable in front of a camera, I can hardly believe how you made me feel. I loved being around you and loved your beautiful way of making me feel relaxed and comfortable even after meeting you for the very first time. I love the way you delicately get to know your subjects so you can see them from the inside. I love your integrity and your sincerity. Thank you for spending the quality time with me and for your talented photography. – Suzanne

Portrait packages start at $1200 incl. digital files. Individual portraits are also available.


I approach weddings exactly the same way. Your connection is unique, and it deserves so much more than cheesy poses.  Instead, we will make the photos a fun, romantic celebration of who YOU are. And if you want a little guidance along the way, I’m also so, so happy to offer it!  I also believe in being there to photograph your family. You don’t see these in photographers’ portfolios, and in the romance of the day we can forget how important they are… but these are the photos our kids will treasure.  Basically, I want to be there as your friend: full of heeeaaaaaps of encouragement and enthusiasm, and taking care of all the stress so that you can be your gorgeous selves. xx

Emma is simply amazing. Not only does she take incredible, romantic and stunning photos, she is so SO much fun to be with. She has an innate ability to make people relax and laugh, which gets the most beautiful results. We cannot recommend her highly enough- if you want a perfect wedding, you need Emma there. – Jess and Sam

Wedding packages start at $3475. I’d love to hear from you… drop me a line and I can let you know more. x


Please get in touch if you’d like to talk more about your wedding or portrait photoshoot. xx