Two weeks ago there was a terrible, hateful attack here in Christchurch. It was a Friday, the day that Charlotte and Greg had planned to tie the knot.

There were tiny inklings of the tragedy that was going on. Roads inexplicably closed. News bulletins on National Radio to announce that there would be news – soon. As the enormity of what had happened came clear, my heart broke for Charlotte and Greg. Their ceremony was just blocks away from the tragedy… and it was hard to imagine anyone having the ability to celebrate.

But then something beautiful happened. Just like the whole country has been doing ever since, people pulled together. The wonderful staff at Mona Vale, their lovely celebrant Scott Koorey, their gorgeous guests and hilarious, wonderful families… everyone saw the makings of a shit day and thought “nope.” You don’t respond to hatred and anger by joining it… you respond by sending the opposite back into the world. Love, connection and joy.

Congratulations Charlotte and Greg. xx