So delighted to introduce you to Jimmy and Kyla. x

These two are celebrating their marriage a little bit differently… and I love it! They’ve already signed the marriage papers back home in Singapore, and are currently planning a huge party for later this year. In the meantime though… a trip back to Jimmy’s childhood city of Christchurch felt like the perfect opportunity to photograph their incredible connection. x

The loveliest photo shoots feel like adventures. You drive to unfamiliar places, laugh, chase light, get covered in mud and sand… and the photos you make always feel a little magic.

Driving around Christchurch with these two on Monday felt just that. We piled into the 4WD and spent the afternoon and evening going on an hilarious, delightful adventure together.

Enjoy this little selection! xx

JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-05 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-07 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-08

If there is one thing you can probably guess about these two… it’s that they LOVE to make each other laugh. Can’t think of a better foundation for a marriage than that! <3

JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-11 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-13

The Port Hills in April are just gorgeous to photograph in. The muted grass and the soft light.. it’s like this secret part of the year that is waiting to be discovered. Autumn weddings… totally underrated!!

JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-14 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-15

We hopped a fence and took in the beginnings of an epic sunset…

JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-17 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-18

To talk to Jimmy and Kyla, they’re both crazily intelligent, hard working and have life planned out… but they can also be incredibly playful and spontaneous. I just want to celebrate that attitude so much… the idea that it’s great to make plans and be responsible, but it’s equally as important to enjoy the little moments in between. <3


We headed over to one of Jimmy’s favourite spots, Taylor’s Mistake, to catch the beautiful sunset. x


Perfection, you two! xx

JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-28 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-30 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-31 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-35 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-37 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-38

We washed the sand off our feet, and finished the evening with a fish and chip dinner in Sumner. Apparently they just don’t make them the same in Singapore! 😀

JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-40 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-41 JK-Christchurch-Pre-Wedding-Photos-Emma-Brittenden-Port-Hills-42

Thank you guys for a wonderful adventure… have a wonderful rest of your visit! xx

Emma x