If you know me, you’ll know how much I enjoy weddings that feel unique. It is so easy to create a perfect cookie-cutter day using the best vendors that says nothing about you… and that breaks my heart. Because a wedding is more than a performance; it’s two real people.

Laura and Dan definitely know themselves, and their wedding was joyfully these two from start to finish. Held on a Monday afternoon in the heart of Christchurch with just the few formalities you need to make it a wedding… this was instead a very special, very intimate celebration of two awesome people. x

Laura and Dan's Christchurch wedding

Meet Laura and Dan, on our catch-up the evening before their big day!

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-02 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-06

Laura has the cheekiest smile imaginable… and it was out in full bloom when we arrived the morning of. x

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-03 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-04



The shawl above was made by Laura… featuring symbols of all the things she loves. x

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-10 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-11 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-12

Soon Dan was back from setting up at Avebury House… and so we had a ‘first look’ before heading out for some portraits before the ceremony.

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-13 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-14

Loved this! We made a visit to their old flat, from back when they lived in Christchurch.

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-15 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-16 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-17 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-18 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-19 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-20

Most weddings are planned as late night events, but these two instead wanted something closer to an afternoon picnic. Lots of sun, music and good company. And a taco truck. 😀

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-21 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-22

Beautiful Laura outside Avebury House. This girl is all about the little touches… she even made the bouquet herself. Gorgeous!

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-23 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-24 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-25

After a quick ceremony with the wonderful Julie Lassen, these two took a few minutes to themselves to take it all in. x

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-29 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-30 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-31 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-32 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-33

Dan and Laura never quite planned it this way… but their wedding ended up having quite a Mexican theme. Loved the music and food!

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-34 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-35 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-36 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-37 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-38 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-39 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-40 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-41

As the sun lowered and the party moved a little more indoors, we took five minutes to wander through the grounds…

LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-42 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-43 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-44 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-45 LD-Christchurch-AveburyHouse-Wedding-46

Laura and Dan… so delighted to have been able to photograph your wonderful day! Hope married life thus far is utterly magical. xx