2016 began near the top of New Zealand, as the edges of a cyclone blew torrential rain across the country. Heels were replaced by gumboots, and holiday campers returned home early… but in the midst of it all, two people prepared for their wedding with the biggest smiles you could imagine.

Olivia met Sam while he was playing horn for the NZ Symphony Orchestra. This is one seriously talented couple – Olivia is a brilliant photographer who spent time touring with that orchestra herself.

Both currently living in Sam’s home country of England, they returned home to marry on Waiheke Island at beautiful Mudbrick Vineyard.  A big contingent came from England and around the world, as well as from around New Zealand… and my gosh, even if the sun was the only guest to stay home, it still added up to the most wonderful wedding day for these two.

Photos from Olivia and Sam's Waiheke Island, Mudbrick wedding. A rainy, wet but beautiful day.

This is the dashing Sam, whom we caught up with mid-morning…

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-02 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-05

Olivia and Sam have a whole lot of young friends whom they wanted to include in their wedding … the day was bustling with little nieces and nephews being adorable. xx

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-04 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-03

As the day quickly scooted on, we caught up with the girls up the road…

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-06 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-07

Meet Olivia, right, with her gorgeous mum and sister. These three are so adorable together!

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-08 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-09

I’m always fascinated by the way we structure wedding days. Olivia has photographed many weddings herself, and knew that time with their guests was more important to her than anything else. That, and embracing the day with open arms. Amen, girl! And so, we drove to the vines of Mudbrick for a ‘first look’ and some portraits before the ceremony…

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-10 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-11 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-12

I’m not sure if you can tell in these photos… but it was WET. But as the rain picked up, and clothes were muddied, these two laughed and skipped with utter joy. It was magical.

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-14 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-13 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-15 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-16 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-17

We scooted back up the road for a few photos with the flowergirls and bridal party…

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-19 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-18 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-56 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-20

… before the beautiful ceremony in the small church of St Peter’s.



Live music is always an extraordinary addition to a wedding… and with these two having so many NZSO friends and talented siblings, the music was out of this world. x It was also so special hearing Laura sing… you might remember her and Chris’ Sydney wedding from earlier last year.

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-53 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-25

Olivia and Sam took ten minutes as guests taxied to Mudbrick to adventure down to the wild rocks below the church.



Gorgeous. xx

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-28 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-29 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-30 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-31 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-32

Hehe, loved the actual cheese cake!

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-35 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-33

Two beauties from my wonderful second-shooter, Mirabel, above…

I really am the biggest believer that photos don’t have to rule your day: that it’s just as fun to grab opportunities to take a few at a time throughout. And these two totally did that. x

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-34 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-36 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-37 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-38 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-39 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-40 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-41 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-43

Olivia’s brother Ben did a brilliant job of MCing… he’s one funny guy. The Latin nerd in me also loved when Sam’s father spoke about things in life being ‘solvitur ambulando’.  😀


OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-45 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-46

As the skies darkened and the rain moved in, the party continued full swing indoors. x

OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-47 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-48 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-49 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-50 OS-Waiheke-Island-Mudbrick-Wedding-51

A million congratulations, you wonderful pair. All the very best! xx


Full gallery and print ordering: Olivia and Sam’s full gallery of photos is online here: http://prints.emmabrittenden.co.nz/Weddings/2016/Olivia-Sam At this link you can view their entire day, and/or order prints through an international lab. Olivia and Sam will be able to share the password directly. x